The Hypocrisy of the Maori and Mana Parties

The Maori party and Mana party?have?been very?vociferous?in calling for bans for all tobacco in the general population. Hone Harawira and Tariana Turia in particular are on public record as harsh opponents of smoking. Turia demanded some sort of health portfolio when?negotiating?with National for the coalition arrangements precisely to push through anti-smoking measures.

Turia just 8 months ago was calling for the shaming of people who smoke in cars:

Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia has suggested drivers should show their disapproval of others smoking in cars carrying children by tooting at them and wagging their finger like Supernanny scolding a child.

Hone Harawira has said in the past, when he was part of the Maori party:

MP Hone Harawira, who is drafting the private member’s bill, said it was “not about trying to penalise the poor addicts who are smoking cigarettes”.

“But the tobacco companies can go to hell. We will no longer sacrifice our generations so you can make profits.”

“I can’t believe how we could have allowed this to carry on. This actually kills people and yet it’s legal.”?

Last night was the debate for?Corrections Amendment Bill – Committee Stage – New Part 3. This is the law change to ban smoking in prisons. You would think that Hone Harawira and the Maori party would support the banning of prisoners from smoking…surely?

Ahh…but no…they in fact voted against this legislation. They simply cannot be taken seriously any longer on issues of tobacco control, they are hypocrites.