Thieving ALP ratbags all having a sook

Thieving ALP ratbag Craig Thomson is having a big sook about being treated like every other charged criminal. Not for these union and ALP ratbags it seems…they want to be treated special:

More and more information is coming out about Thomson, the man who props up Julia Gillard’s government.?

When Craig Thomson rose to speak in Parliament for the first time, on February 19, 2008, within 90 seconds he thanked three key Labor machinists: Mark Arbib, Karl?Bitar?and Sam Dastyari. He then went on to say: ”As a Labor government, we cannot afford to treat the?electors?as fools through political spin. We need to be honest and forthright.”

Last Thursday, Thomson was arrested and charged with 150?offences?of theft or fraud, all of which he had denied in Parliament, saying he is the victim of blackmail and identity theft. He is also subject to 150 adverse findings in a report by Fair Work Australia, which is now pursuing a civil action against him. If Thomson’s argument that he is a victim of blackmail does not prevail in court, he will enter history as the least honest, least forthright politician ever to have served in the Australian Parliament.

He will not be alone. Long after multiple questions were raised about Thomson’s conduct by the?Herald?on April 8, 2009, in a story later amplified by both Victoria Police and a Fair Work Australia inquiry, the Labor Party began secretly paying Thomson’s legal bills, it re-endorsed him?for?the seat of Dobell, it deployed large resources to his re-election campaign and it suppressed questions in the Senate about his conduct.

Of course those men he thanked, Mark Arbib, Karl?Bitar?and Sam Dastyari,?are also in awful trouble facing their own investigations as the Independent Commission against Corruption continues to delve into the dodgy and nefarious dealings of ALP?politicians?and their union masters.

Another dodgy ALP ratbag thinks he doesn’t do anything shonky:

ALP powerbroker Eddie Obeid has declared his family does not do “shonky” business, under intense questioning about millions of dollars flowing through his family’s accounts.

Even though it was revealed that Mr Obeid and his wife were the ultimate beneficiaries of the family trust, he repeatedly declared he did not know and could not explain the workings of the accounts – including how it was that payments made to his family’s business partners, its staff and even to himself were channelled through his wife’s loan account.

“I have no knowledge of these accounts,” he said, though he also claimed he had trained and worked as an accountant during an early period in his career.

The Independent Commission Against Corruption has interrogated Mr Obeid as part of its investigation into a 2008 coal tender which it has alleged was corrupted by the Obeid family and the disgraced former minister, Ian Macdonald.

Mr Obeid’s son has admitted the Obeid family stood to make at least $75 million from the tender, by taking secret shareholdings in two winning mining companies and by locking up much of the land under a new tenement created by Mr Macdonald.

Taking Mr Obeid through page after page of mysterious account entries, counsel assisting the inquiry, Geoffrey Watson SC, remarked: “It looks shonky, doesn’t it?”

“I don’t believe my family does anything shonky,” Mr Obeid replied. The Commissioner, David Ipp QC, said to Mr Obeid he was bewildered by the structure of the family’s trust accounts, and said he could not understand why Mr Obeid said he knew nothing of them.

“You wash your hands of all responsibility of all of these, all these [account] entries,” Mr Ipp said.