Australian man in court for shagging ‘Michael Jackson’

First the shark, now the pig, always seems to be the animal?s fault, no matter what the humans do.

Michael Jackson. The other white meat.

A man appears in an Australian court on charges relating to his alleged sexual intercourse with a pet pig called Michael Jackson.

The 35-year-old man appeared in the Darwin Magistrates Court today on the charges of having sexual intercourse with an animal and indecent behaviour in public.?

He has name suppression and his lawyer told the court the man has mental health issues – leading to a request for the charges to be dismissed.

The case was adjourned until later this month.

The pig, is understood to have been shot following the alleged incident in November.

Why was the pig shot? So he couldn’t squeal? Or c ase of?once they’ve had human, they want more.

The only question I have is did he put lipstick on the pig?