Donnybrook coming in Victoria, dodgy Liberal ratbag costs Baillieu the premiership

Ted Baillieu has resigned as Premier of Victoria.

Ted Baillieu has resigned as Premier after a Liberals-only crisis meeting on Wednesday night, saying “I do this in the best of the government”.

Denis Napthine is the new leader of the liberal party in parliament.

I love this state, I love the Liberal Party and I love this state,” he said in a statement. “Change of leadership is in the best interests of the government.”

Mr Baillieu’s voice was cracking as he thanked his staff and wife and three children.

He has confirmed that he will remain in parliament.”?

All over a dodgy Liberal Ratbag this time. He looks like he would fit in New Zealand First?s caucus. Liberal MP Geoff Shaw is currently under investigation by Police and resigned from the Liberals claiming that he had lost confidence in Ted Ballieu, the last act of a scoundrel.

Mr Shaw has weathered controversy many times in his short parliamentary career.

The 45-year-old ? a qualified financial planner and accountant ? won the lower-house seat of Frankston in 2010 from ALP incumbent Alistair Harkness.

Besides being an MP, Mr Shaw runs two small businesses: an accounting firm and a hardware factory. In May 2012, it was alleged his staff, as well as Mr Shaw himself, had used his parliamentary car for business related to the hardware factory.

In December 2012, Victoria Police announced a criminal investigation the affair, investigating Mr Shaw for misconduct of public office for rorting his taxpayer-funded car and parliamentary fuel card.

A week later, the Gillard government launched a review into Mr Shaw over allegations he illegally or dishonestly accessed federal assistance for his private businesses. Mr Shaw received individual payments of up to $1500 each from the Commonwealth to hire three long-term unemployed workers for his hardware firm under an employment assistance scheme.

There have been many other controversial moments. In April 2011, he offended a young gay man in his constituency by suggesting that his desire to love who he wanted was as illegitimate as a dangerous driver wanting to speed or a child molester wanting to molest. In the days that followed, Mr Baillieu said it was wrong for Mr Shaw to have made the comparisons that he made.

In June 2011, Mr Shaw admitted he had been charged with assault in 1992 while working as a nightclub bouncer. He was fined and placed on a good behaviour bond for the assault but there was no conviction.

In August 2011, Mr Shaw got into a roadside fight in his electorate, involving himself in a conversation between a police officer and a 21-year-old driver. The driver and Mr Shaw ? a black belt in karate ? got into a fistfight.

His personal life has been unsettled as well. Mr Shaw separated from his wife Sally in 2011. In April of that year, police were called to the former family home when Shaw refused to leave the house.

In April 2012, Shaw erected a banner on Golf Links Road in Frankston South pleading for forgiveness from his ex-wife.

He is like a combination of Andrew Williams, Brendan Horan and Winston Peters all rolled into one.