How to destroy any legitimacy of your referendum with one little press release

Russel Norman isn’t blessed with an abundance of brains…after all he got his doctorate by studying the Alliance party.

However he has just destroyed any legitimacy his taxpayer funded political party initiated referendum might have had by declaring in a press release:

90 percent of Kiwis not interested in Key?s asset sales

The overwhelming majority of New Zealanders have not registered any interest in buying shares in companies that already belong to them, Green Party Co-leader Dr Russel Norman said today.

The Government is claiming that over 425,000 people have pre-registered for the Mighty River Power float. Even ignoring the fact that many fake registrations have been lodged, that means 90% of Kiwis have not registered.?

Yep and that means that more than 90% of Kiwis aren’t interested in his referendum too. His hypocrisy and sanctimony knows no bounds though.

?Despite a multi-million dollar taxpayer-funded ad campaign by the National Government and its sharebrokers, 90 percent of New Zealanders have shown that we have no interest in taking part in John Key?s asset sales,? said Dr Norman.

Right so taxpayer funding promotion of government policy is evil but taxpayer funding of his paid legions of flunkies to collect signatures is ok?

Russel Norman and the Green Taliban are beneath contempt.

Lindsay Mitchell points out a flaw in is maths too.

Roughly, there are around 1.5 million households in New Zealand with an average of 3 occupants. In general only one occupant, the main bread-winner, would make the expression of interest. So 425,000 expressions could easily represent interest from 1, 2, 3 or more others.

Being as loose as Russel Norman with statistics I could simply say the expression of interest represents 28 percent of households. And then claim that? 72 percent of Kiwis aren’t interested.

Either way, he can;t claim that 90 or even 72% are opposed because they failed to register, because to do so means his referendum with only a bit over 300,000 signatures is likewise a failure of New Zealand to endorse his position.

Nice one Russel, now we know why you think printing money is the solution to this country’s financial ills. you are just plain stupid.