Where is the referendum he promised on Maori seats?

Len Brown is being called out by Cameron Brewer who accuses him of failing to deliver on promises to hold a referemdum on road pricing.

Eighteen months ago, Auckland Mayor Len Brown promoted a public referendum over the council?s preferred option to address Auckland?s $12 billion transport funding gap. With the Consensus Building Group set to release a discussion document tomorrow on its proposed additional funding options, the Mayor should recommit to his idea of a referendum following public consultation and the council adopting a position.

On 18 October 2011 when the Mayor was talking up the concept of tolling Auckland?s existing motorway network he stated on National Radio that ?if we had a referendum, then I think that would really clarify things and give a pretty strong mandate over and above the mandate that I already as leader of the city?.

Len Brown has promised a referendum, talked it up, now where is it??

I believe the Mayor has now backed off his referendum because he is worried about its result following growing public distaste for the likes of tolling the existing motorway network, with the council now only promising ?separate formal consultation with Aucklanders on any specific proposal to introduce a new form of funding for Auckland?s transport system.?

Len Brown loves the idea of charging a few dollars every time drivers get on the motorway or pass through a cordon, but he knows Aucklanders don?t. He?s now trying to push it through without too much fuss but this could be a major cost imposition on households so it?s definitely worthy of a vote.

Eighteen months ago the Mayor told an Auckland business lunch that ?strong community buy-in for tolls in a referendum at the 2013 local body elections would strengthen the case with whoever was in Government? with commentators at the time commending the Mayor for showing the courage of his convictions and putting his funding solution up for popular vote.

Well the Mayor now needs to recommit to his own idea of a referendum to give the wider public some confidence that they will be asked and listened to on how to fund Auckland?s future transport projects.

Len Brown likes to make the sounds of democracy but is far from it in actions. He promises a referendum for Aucklanders ont he issue of Maori seats but has failed to deliver on that too.

Len Brown is developing the nick name Lyin’ Len and for good reason.