Who will run in Mt Roskill in Place of Jackie Blue?

Jackie Blue?s resignation from parliament means that National will need another person to take one for the team in the safe Labour seat of Mt Roskill. Phil Goff holds Roskill with a massive majority of 7,271, so no National candidate has a realistic chance of winning the seat.

National?s stupidity in supporting red seat candidates means it burns through good people who will not want to take a fisting in the ballot box to help out John Key and Steven Joyce and Peter Goodfellow. ?After the election the National Party was either dismissive or indifferent to those MPs likely to come back into the house or those who ran in red seats. ?
Aaron Gilmore, Paul Quinn, Claudette Hauiti, Jo Hayes and Leonie Hapeta have been ignored by National. They took one for the team, spent a lot of time and their own money winning votes for National and got nothing back. They didn?t get to influence policy. They did not move up the rankings for the next lot of list rankings. They were not offered work in areas they have expertise by National. National ignored them.

If you are thinking of running in Mt Roskill talk to these MPs and ask whether it is in your best interests to run for National in a red seat.