A foolish man builds his house upon the sand

Gilmore - Houses Built On Sand

So Aaron Gilmore is issuing threats…big deal…there is plenty more on him should he decide to go nuclear.

Like his sudden re-writing of history or deletion in this case😕

It was early August and freezing cold as that night?we didn’t have enough money to put into the meter for electricity. We had some light from large candles on the table and?my grandmother and I were having Weetbix for dinner. The next morning we couldn’t afford breakfast and I went hungry till a teacher bought me lunch.

Why delete it? Is it because it wasn’t true?

It would be very unusual for Aaron to have had a pre-pay meter when he was growing up… ?he could explain this too?

NOTE: Prepay electricity meters are uncommon in NZ: In Australia and New Zealand,?along with the majority of other countries, penetration has limped along at about 2 or?3% of the installed meter base. Thus far, the barriers to uptake have been significant.

The guy is a serial bullshitter, in fact he is our little dickhead.
Our Little Dickhead