Gareth Morgan on fire today, now he is smacking up the SPCA


Gareth Morgan has said two sensible things today. First he smashed up the anti-progress green taliban and now he is smashing up the SPCA.

Bird breeder Gavin Wilkinson who humanely trapped a wandering cat that was killing his chickens, is to be applauded for destroying the cat, (See this 3 News Article?

We have a terrible hole in our legislation around wandering pets that do damage to our wildlife, destroy other people?s pets when they invade, and spread disease. The SPCA?s stance on defending the rights of cats to wander, kill, and spread disease is inexcusable and those truly concerned about cruelty need to demand that the SPCA returns to its core business ? preventing cruelty, not championing Bob Kerridge and his unconditional love affair with cats.

On this matter of wandering cats causing mayhem, politicians are showing their normal cowardice and need to stand up and acknowledge that the law is an ass, people are having to take matters into their own hands and destroy cats that are out of control. 90% of cat owners are totally responsible and acknowledge their cats should be confined, but the 10% who are not, together with Bob Kerridge and this sad SPCA outfit need to be called to order. Their behaviour is not acceptable in a country that values private property rights and the rights of our wildlife not to be slaughtered. If these politicians don?t stand up and be counted then of course vigilante-type action will increase. It is a direct result of political negligence.?

Cats are evil.

The number of farmers and ordinary citizens who have contacted me since we raised this issue of the cat-mad failing to be responsible, is overwhelming. Quietly and determinedly these folk are destroying cats that are totally out of bounds. Meanwhile as a result if highlighting the reality around our-of-control domestic cats, the SPCA has intensified its advertising of ? pets free to good homes? ? the reality being that more and more people realise that they are not in a position to be responsible cat owners. As a result the SPCA are sending cats to homes that are less and less responsible, more likely to dump cats and their litters and make the problem of wandering cats worse.

Politicians need to gather courage, find their spines and deal to this SPCA-inspired bunch of nutters. This is not rocket science ? councils need to adopt the norm of other countries, citizens should be encouraged to cage trap cats that wander across their properties and hand them over to the pest control department of the local council. That department then applies a very simple test: if the cat is microchipped it goes back to the owner with a fine, otherwise it is zipped. We do this for dogs, so stop pussyfooting about and apply the same rules to cats.

A .17HMR or a shottie iron out cats effectively.

Cats and Kerridge are out of control, he is not concerned with prevention of cruelty, for him it?s all about his cats rights advocates taking over the SPCA. And the SPCA trustees around the country are too gutless to stand up to Bob, too pathetic to stare down the donations from the rich, cat mad benefactors who have left the SPCA legacies to ?save lives? of cats and to hell with our native species and other people?s rights.