Hooton on Harawira

Matthew Hooton must have fallen out with the Brown Brothers. He comments on the destructiveness of Hone Harawira.

Those most supportive of the Don Brash and ACT Party message of ?one law for all? should be deeply grateful to Hone Harawira.

If the Northland firebrand had the slightest emotional intelligence and ability to think medium-term, he would now be set to become leader of a united Maori Party capable of winning all seven Maori electorates and something approaching 5% of the party vote.

Instead, his personal anger and belligerence, his childish emotional need to be a staunch bro?, and his extraordinary arrogance, so associated with the Harawia clan, meant he moved to split the Maori Party in 2011 and set up his own far-left Mana movement.

His complaint was that the other Maori Party MPs weren?t radical enough for him and were prepared to accept crumbs from John Key?s table as opposed to the ? well, it is never quite clear what he would try to deliver to his people were he ever to have the chance.?

Hiring and funding Martyn Bradbury won’t help either.

In truth, he knows he will never have the chance to achieve anything and likes it that way.? It allows infinite bluster and zero accountability and he assumes his constituents are so stupid they don?t know the difference.

Had Mr Harawira not split the Maori Party in 2011, it is almost certain it would have won last night?s Ikaroa-Rawhiti by-election.? It would most probably have held on to Te Tai Tonga in 2011 so that it would now hold six of the seven Maori electorates and have much greater leverage over Mr Key and Labour.

Mr Harawira keeping his cool in the Maori Party would also have helped maintain more of a distinction between it and National and he would now be set to take over from Pita Sharples as male co-leader, probably with Rahui Katene as female co-leader. ?As it is, thanks to him, she is out of parliament altogether.

Mana isn’t a political party, it is a cult…a political cargo cult.

A party with seven secure seats, demonstrably able to work with either National or Labour, would have enormous political power in New Zealand, and Mr Harawira and Ms Katene, as co-leaders, would have been able to take it to the left using their leaders? prerogative.? Supporters of Dr Sharples and Tariana Turia would have been more than comfortable with that.

Instead, Mr Harawira and his motely crew of far-leftists are celebrating coming second to Labour last night in an electorate the Maori Party came within a whisker of winning as recently as 2008 ? before Mr Harawira took his destructive path.

It is all rather pathetic.? Most likely, Labour will win six of the Maori seats by 2014 or 2017 at the latest, with Mr Harawira hanging on alone in his Northland redoubt.

Like his mother ? jailed in 1989 for violent crimes against mental health patients in her care ? Mr Harawira will have a legacy of bullsh-t and bluster but no real achievements for himself or advancement for his people.? The dumbest bro?s will think he?s cool though.


And Labour?

Had they lost or won by less than 1000, David Shearer would have been rolled as soon as this week.

In the end, despite Mana boasts, they won, and by a little more than expected.? David Shearer buys a little more time with the leadership challenge now likely in September.

All of which is great news for Mr Key.

Key wants Shearer to stay…cut to death by his own party, shot in the back by his mates, but still on life support and still in nominal control. Shearer won;t be able to defeat John Key in any debate…all John Key will have to say when David Shearer starts stumbling and fumbling is ?”Spit it out David, the people want to hear what you have to say and we don’t have all night”