Female MPs are useless not victims of sexism

The Daily Mail reports that female MPs are useless not victims of sexism according to Ann?Widdecombe a former Tory minister.

I’d love to see Ann Widdecombe go head to head with Fran O’Sullivan on the issue. This?woman makes Crusher look like your soft cuddly grandma.

Female MPs who complain about how macho politics are not the victims of sexism but simply ?useless?, Ann Widdecombe has claimed.

The outspoken former Tory minister dismissed the idea that Westminster was biased against women, and insisted both sexes were ?roughed up? during debates.

In remarks likely divide opinion in Parliament, Miss Widdecombe said women must not go into politics with a ?sense of grievance?. ?

Miss Widdecombe, who was prisons minister in John Major?s last government, has previously spoken of her regret at not marrying or becoming a mother.

But she insisted those women who do choose a career in politics had to prove their commitment, and realise having a family might not be conducive to the rough and tumble of life in Westminster.

She lashed out against the 101 female New Labour MPs swept into Parliament by Tony Blair;s landslide election in 1997.

Miss Widdecombe said too many of them thought they were treated rudely by opponents because they were women ? when I fact they just were not very good.

She said: ?I vividly remember that about six months after the Blair Babes came in ? you may remember them? 101 of them came in and I always thought they might as well have had the 101 Dalmations.

?About sixth months afterwards, one of them came up to me in the corridor and she said to me: ?Ann, isn?t it horrible how the men are so rude to us??

?And I said ?yes, and isn?t it horrible how they are so rude to each other?? And she hadn?t thought of that.

?She had just been roughed up in the chamber, she had assumed it was because she was a woman. In fact it was because she was useless,? she said speaking at the?Telegraph Ways With Words?festival.