If Hamilton can organise a referendum why can’t Len Brown?

Hamilton is going to hold a referendum on the fluoridation issue.

A referendum on the controversial issue of fluoridating Hamilton’s water supply will not be legally binding.

The council opted to carry out a public vote on the hot topic after a controversial tribunal decision ended fluoridation last month.

It will take place during local council elections this October alongside a second referendum on whether to adopt the Single Transferable Vote system.

But no matter what the public come down in favour of, the council is under no legal obligation to stick to it, said councillor Ewan Wilson.

Under law, decisions made by referendum do not have to be upheld by a subsequent council, and since the vote takes place alongside council elections, it will be up to the new council to decide whether to stick to the public ballot. ?

If Hamilton can hold a referendum at this late stage then why can’t Len Brown.

When he was elected 3 years ago he campaigned on a referendum for Maori seats. I asked him at a public meeting filmed by The Nation on the North Shore and he promised a referendum.

How come he hasn’t delivered it?

Was this just another case of Len Brown saying one thing and delivering another?