Pete George, your help is not wanted


via Facebook

via Facebook

Pete George isn’t at all keen about the Government’s latest GCSB ideas and wants to “Help stop the GSCB bill”. ?Hey, it’s a free country.

Isn’t it?

When the ?Stop the GCSB Bill? campaign started I was interested in being involved. It was promoted on The Daily Blog by Mana Party adviser Martyn Bradbury and I asked him ?What groups make up the ?coalition??? I was interested to know who was involved. That comment wasn?t passed by moderation.

Come on Pete. ?Are you still not dry behind your ears?

I have since tried to join in and add to discussions on their Facebook pages. My comments and links just get deleted.

I recently posted a link to a Christchurch Press editorial on the GCSB to Facebook. This soon disappeared.

So I posted a comment

This also soon disappeared.

It’s personal Pete. ?They don’t like you.

But of course it is a lot more than personalities clashing. ?Pete continues:

I had also had a comment advising who was managing the campaign and the Facebook pages:

Hi Pete,

I?m coordinating the National protests and admin the Stop The GCSB Bill facebook page.

Max was a Green candidate in Hamilton last election before he withdrew after he was found to have deceived a newspaper into a story without revealing his party connection.

It appears that Max is also deceiving the public in his Stop the GCSB Bill management, along with Bradbury, by controlling a one sided message in social media.

The Stop the GCSB Bill? seems intent on controlling the message of a political campaign. They certainly don?t want genuine cross spectrum discussion or debate.

Not a good look in a supposed fight for freedom of online communication.

So the billboard vandal Jolyon White was a Green, the secret tape recorder and fraudster Kees Keiser was a Green (helped out by #heyclint) and now Max Coyle‘s mobilising the troops on the GCSB Bill.
And there are some deluded people out there who disagree that the Greens really are the nasty party.