A letter to David Shearer from a WO reader

A reader writes to David Shearer. I was going to froward it one but I thought I should share it, because it has a great deal of truth to it.

Dear Cameron,

This letter is from and absolute NATIONAL supporter – I don’t know if you pass on?commiserations, but if you do, here goes. (Thanks)

I know we have all joked about David Shearer through his time as leader of the Opposition, but?in all good heart I feel sad that he had been so badly let down by his caucus.?

It seems to me?that he has been undermined from day one. I hope his party members are ashamed at their?behaviour and embarrassed that a GOOD MAN has been treated so disrespectfully.

I hope he can now enjoy his life and his family knowing that he has tried as Michael Jackson?sang ” to make the world a better place”. God bless you and your family David all the best.

(P.S. sorry for laughing at you, but that as they say is politics).