Christchurch rebuild? Not any time soon

For two years industry people and consultants and all manner of hopefuls have insisted the Christchurch rebuild is ‘about to start’.

There is a misguided perception that Christchurch will enter a phase of massive rebuilding conglomerate.

It won’t and because of many different reasons. For instance:

  • nobody wants to be the first cab off the rank;
  • how much to invest;
  • chosen to take money elsewhere;
  • move money to be made from other transaction types like trading property as everyone jostles for land positions;
  • insurance claims still mostly outstanding as people wrestle in court for better payouts;
  • consents will take years;?

Et cetera.

It’s a fiasco that people are so stupid. Anyway if you think back to a year ago or longer the banks and others were essentially all forecasting big spend 3 months to 6 months on from economist statements and yet two years later nothing is happening.

We will look at a a prime example of why there is a delay in the rebuild in the next post.

But the answer is Christchurch will take decades to be rebuilt and it will be piecemeal and slow and I bet that in 10 years time it will still be a pigs breakfast.