Labour gives up on New Plymouth and Rotorua

It looks like Labour has given up on winning back New Plymouth and Rotorua, bypassing them on their taxpayer funded leader’s roadshow.

The Labour Party is bypassing Taranaki in a series of meetings to be held before electing its new leader.

Details of the 12 meetings, spread across New Zealand, were announced yesterday as the Labour leadership race entered its next phase.

New Plymouth had been a traditional stronghold for the party with Harry Duynhoven holding the seat from 1993 until 2008, when National MP Jonathan Young wrested it from him with the country’s smallest majority of just 105 votes.

Mr Young then went on to defeat Andrew Little in 2011.

Labour Party general secretary Tim Barnett said the tight timeframe and having to hold meetings in the six biggest population centres had dictated where meetings were held.?

“There is no slight to New Plymouth whatsoever, it’s just a function of time and practicality,” Mr Barnett said.

He said there were several places the party would have liked to hold meetings including New Plymouth, Invercargill, Rotorua and Timaru.

“We haven’t got meetings in any of them because we haven’t got the time available.”

Todd McLay has also turned Rotorua into a blue seat…I can’t believe that labour are ignoring all those blue collar forestry and related industry workers in Rotorua, not to mention the large Maori population.

SHows just how out of touch with their base Labour has become. If I was Shane Jones I’d be getting to both places privately and setting something up.