Len’s booze problems, Ctd

Len Brown

Via the tipline

Last week?s post showing?Len?s Now Got Booze Problems?has seen the tip line alive with insider information from disgruntled local board members.

Len had the casting vote, and voted for regional approach to District Licensing Committee which was a slap in the face for local boards wanting more say over booze issues in the areas they know the most about.

As a token gesture to local boards, the Governing Body allowed Angela Dalton, Chair of Manurewa Local Board to present to them about the explosion in booze shops in Manurewa and the havoc that they?re inflicting on the residents. And driving a lot of this concern are the RTD alcopops.

Then I saw this via the tipline.

A WO reader has done a quick calculation about RTDs pumped out by the booze industry in NZ. Based on Customs figures, in 2010 there was near on 57 million litres of lolly-water RTDs manufactured locally.? Sounds like a lot, so a bit meaningless. ?


57 million litres of lolly-water RTDs manufactured locally

So they thought about some comparisons. 57 million litres of lolly water RTDs equivalent of:

v??23?Olympic-size swimming pools

v??5,680 large road-tankers

v??Nearly?a day?s water supply from the Waikato River?to Auckland residents

v??10 days?water supply for Pukekohe

v??20 days water supply for Warkworth

v??15?Kelly Tarlton shark tanks?or 162 Stingray Bays at Kelly Tarlton

By anyone?s standards that?s a shed-load of booze potentially flowing into the hands of kids in Manurewa. No wonder the local board is not happy with the Council.

Crusher Collins is not happy either.

With David Farrar’s 10th blog birthday bash sponsored by RTD maker Independent Liquor, what?s the bet he?ll be out of the blocks soon defending alcopops.