The answer to Len’s booze problem

Looks like Independent Liquor and its highly paid spin weasel Mark Unsworth are about to have a few problems.

I?ve posted before about?Len?s booze problems.? The Manurewa Local Board has now come up with a solution and one that?supports Crusher Collins?as well.

In a release ?Calls for Tougher Restrictions on Liquor Shops??issued this afternoon, Manurewa Local Board Chair Angela Dalton is calling on Auckland Council to introduce tough new discretionary measures in Auckland?s Local Alcohol Policy.

?We strongly support the recent recommendation by the?Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority (ARLA)?to impose a restricted designation in respect of premises stocking RTDs.

?We want to see the LAP ensure that any off-licensed store that targets young people with cheap ?easy-to-drink? liquor runs the risk of their license application being declined. Further, we strongly oppose liquor wholesalers entering into agreements with small liquor stores to the effect that 70 per cent of the retail space of the premise and 70 per cent of the chiller space must be devoted to RTDs.?

?It?s outrageous that small corner liquor stores can be nearly completely devoted to pushing RTDs onto our young people. This should be addressed and reflected in the suitability of the owners gaining licenses.

?It?s time the LAP show some teeth against the likes of big alcohol who have these sorts or agreements with these small corner liquor stores. The residents of Manurewa demand nothing less,?

It?s no wonder the Manurewa Local Board are up in arms. A quick Google search shows the area is awash in grog shops peddling liquid panty remover to the young.


Len?s now has been given a solution. Question is will he do something about it.