Boris smacks Red Ed

Boris Johnson doesn’t spare anything on his spanking of Ed Miliband and his Cunliffe-like lurch to the left.

So now we know what he wants to do with the country. It?s ?socialism?, folks! For years now, Ed Miliband has been studiously blank about his intentions. To a degree that has maddened supporters and opponents alike, he has refused to say much about how Labour would govern the country. He has curled himself into an ideological foetal position ? so as to present as small a target as possible ? and hoped that Coalition unpopularity would allow him to stand up at the last minute and slither unobtrusively into power.

And now, in an incautious admission, he has reminded us of his core beliefs ? as the proud son of a Marxist academic. He wants to restore socialism to Britain. In spite of everything, the mission of Labour under Ed Miliband is to revive a political belief system that brought Britain to its knees, that blighted the lives of hundreds of millions of people in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, that was responsible for untold murders and abuses of human rights, and that in the past 30 years has been decisively rejected across the planet in favour of liberty, free enterprise and market economics ? a rival system that has lifted and is lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and servitude. Someone needs to tell Ed Miliband that socialism failed, and I have just the man to do it.?

David Cunliffe might like to screech “socialiiiiiiiism” to the faithful but I don’t believe that Kiwis will take to it despite the latest poll.

He knows Ed well. They used to hang out together ? in fact, they were part of the same ruthless cabal of curry-swilling Brownites who undermined Tony Blair and anyone else who tried to introduce some common sense to the Labour Party. That man is Damian McBride. I mean the man known as McPoison or McP—-face, who is currently in the papers because he has decided to salve his conscience by laying bare his ghastly activities under the last Labour government.

I happen to think Mr McBride is genuinely repentant, and I know that he is working hard for good educational causes in London. But if he is to achieve full redemption he needs to think about why he behaved in that way. What was it that legitimated ? in his mind ? this hideous trampling over all norms of decency? He smeared ministers who seemed to stand in his way, he destroyed careers, he wrecked family lives. It seems incredible that a highly intelligent man could act like this just because he adored Gordon Brown. No, that wasn?t enough: he justified his ruthless actions to himself in the same way that socialists have always justified their ruthlessness ? that the end justified the means.

The end always justifies the means.

He knew that what he was doing was in one sense pretty putrid ? but he believed that it was part of a wider project. He was protecting the Labour Party from the Blairite sell-outs; he was acting in the best interests of the Left of the party; he was helping the Brownites to pursue their agenda of welfarist redistribution. Yes, he was able to live with himself and engage in this repulsive bullying because at the back of his mind was always the notion that he was defending a high and noble cause. He did it in the interests of the People; he did it for sound socialistic reasons.

And that is the problem with socialism. It has always involved the use of revolting means to pursue an unattainable end. It has seen the rights and liberties of individuals trampled in the name of a collective good. Damian McBride is a small but interesting example of the mental contortions of socialists over the last century, when there is no abuse or tyranny ? large or trivial ? that has not been justified in the name of the people.

Watch David Cunliffe dot eh same thing. He will lie, cheat, and threaten his way to power.