Disappointing attitude from Little Johnny

Little Johnny looking a bit old on it

Little Johnny looking a bit old on it

Little Johnny is being a bit silly, in a fuddy-duddy kind of way.

MARRIAGE equality is “nonsense” and children should be raised in an “ordinary, orthodox, heterosexual marriage”, former Prime Minister John Howard says.

Mr Howard was in Adelaide today?bolstering support for the Coalition?, particularly in Hindmarsh, which is sitting on 50/50 in the polls.

He did a good old-fashioned shopping-mall walk, where he had a ridiculous number of selfies taken with strapping young lads.?

He may have single-handedly won the seat for local Liberal candidate Matt Williams – in 2004 Labor wrested Hindmarsh from the Liberals with just 108 votes.

Mr Howard said he was against gay marriage and that “the best environment to raise children is in an ordinary, orthodox, heterosexual marriage”.

Asked whether he thought there should be a conscience vote, he said that was a matter for the party.

“But if you’re asking my view ? I think this whole argument that it’s marriage equality is nonsense,” he said.