The Huddle


I was on Larry Williams show The Huddle last night, with Josie Pagani.

Our topics were:

The?referendum on asset sales will be held. Apparently the cost of having it as a stand alone vote would be $31 million. The cost of tagging it on to a general election would be $9 million. Either way it does feel like the horse has bolted and there?s nothing to be gained through holding a NON-binding referendum on an issue whereby assets have already been sold. Labour and the Greens are claiming a victory. ?

Then we have?the Labour party leadership race?on ? and that?s turning out to be a messy little affair. I can? t for the life of me see how this whole voting system is good for the party. They are running off at the mouth saying they?re going to do all of these things ? which are fiscally impossible ? and they?re not even the leader yet ? let alone the Prime Minister. The other issue is that if it?s Cunliffe or Robertson who win they?re only going to be likely to take votes off the Greens ? and that?s not where elections are won or lost! This whole spectacle of them cannibalising each other is quite unseemly and doesn?t exactly bode well for the future.