Question Time round up, sound smacking all round for Labour’s ‘stars’

Not a stellar start from the new Labour team at question time.

Paula Bennett answering about the success of getting beneficiaries to sort out outstanding warrants with the coppers or lose your benefit. Sue Moroney leaps up to ask how it helps them get a job?? It was a stupid irrelevant question which Bennett bats away to which Moroney raises a point of order and subjects herself to another healthy smack across the chops.

Phil Twyford reels out stats to Nick Smith lamenting how many houses housing NZ has demolished and not renewed leases on and wants to know why ? Fucking great big earthquake perhaps. ?

David Parker smacks English around over the smelter deal, with some justification, not sure how well the 800 EPMU members greet this or any voter south of Gore.

Ruth Dyson finally asks a question then she tries to table a document that Eugenie Sage had tabled five minutes earlier then has a big cry about it when it’s pointed out to her.

Amy Adams destroyed Moana Mackey?(near the end) and almost lost it with the stupidity of her question, told her she was a works shy fool.

An absolute shambles all interspersed with Winston Peters inane questions to Tariana Turia where he gets smacked down “I have no idea what the member is talking about” and she wasn’t alone in that. He did try and save himself by popping up all over question time to table emails in what is best described as a tired and emotional condition, wonder if early onset Alzheimer’s is getting him.

It was the easiest ride I have seen at question time. Cunliffe clearly changed his line up on the basis that “people like you make me look good”.