The “Brown Method” gaining popularity

Len Brown’s rushed withdrawal process in lovemaking seems to be making a come-back world wide.

The Daily Mail reports:

Charliegh Avent never has to remember to take the Pill. She and husband Paul don’t have a supply of male contraceptives in their bedside cabinets either.

In fact the couple, who’ve been together for seven years, don’t make any sort of special preparations before they make love.

Because they’ve chosen to rely on the oldest contraceptive system there is: the withdrawal method, in which the man withdraws from the woman’s body just before climax occurs.

In an age when there have never been more options to prevent pregnancy, it would be easy to assume that Charliegh’s approach is rare. ??

But it seems she’s one of a growing number of women who are rejecting conventional contraceptives and going back to basics.

Recent research in the U.S. revealed that a third of young women there had used withdrawal at least once to prevent pregnancy, far more than had previously been thought.

As it’s not a medically approved form of contraception, it’s not known exactly how many women in the UK rely on the withdrawal method, but nevertheless forums on popular mothering websites are littered with conversational threads from women in their late 20s or 30s admitting that they do it – successfully or otherwise – or quizzing those who have tried it for advice.

While it’s thought, realistically, that eight out of 100 women get pregnant using the Pill, with withdrawal the rate is closer to 20 per cent.

I think this whole method is being pushed by the tissue manufactures…which reminds my I must put in a LGOIMA request for the mayoral tissue budget.