EXCLUSIVE – Len Brown – fresh revelations

by Stephen Cook

The woman at the centre of the Len Brown sex scandal ?was treated for chlamydia earlier this year ? and suspects she may have contracted the disease after having unprotected sex with the embattled Auckland mayor.

Bevan Chuang was tonight in hiding after being publicly identified as the woman involved in a torrid two-year affair with Brown, who was re-elected to a second term in office with a resounding 50,000-vote majority.

Just hours after news broke of Brown?s affair with Chuang, the 32-year-old leveled? more damning allegations against the 57-year-old including claims that:

* She was treated with antibiotics earlier this year for chlamydia which she suspects she may have contracted from Brown.

* Brown had once expressed to her a desire to father her baby

* How the Auckland mayor had a reputation around the council office as a ?bit of a rooter? who couldn?t keep his eyes off attractive female staff ?

The 57-year-old father-of-three has admitted his two-year involvement with the Hong Kong-born woman, which he concedes has caused his family ?harm, shame and humiliation.?

He claims that last week he told his wife of 20-plus years about the affair and today asked the public and media to respect his privacy.

He did confirm, however, that he had no plans ? at least at this stage ? to stand down.

But this could become increasingly difficult as more details come to light about Brown?s two-year affair run out of Town Hall.

Speaking tonight from a secret Auckland location, Chuang said she believed Brown had only one option left remaining ? and that was to resign.

He could longer command any respect among those who?d previously issued him with a mandate to lead Auckland.

She said as a practising Catholic the hypocrisy of Brown?s conduct was extraordinary.

Chuang claimed Brown had completely disrespected her during the course of the affair, treating her no better than a ?porn star?.

She said while she wasn?t entirely comfortable with the fact Brown chose not to wear a condom, it became more of a concern when she contracted chlamydia earlier this year. If untreated, the disease can create fertility problems.

?I was shocked to learn I had contracted that. It?s not a pleasant thing to have happen. Who could I have got this off is the question you start asking yourself,? she said.

She said to add insult to injury Brown would ejaculate on her and then expect she wipe herself off with a tissue.

But the incident that still angers her most is the evening she and Brown were caught by a security guard having sex in the Ngati Whatua Room at the Auckland Town Hall. The room is named after local iwi and carries special significance for Maori.

She said Brown could have stopped the security guard from entering the room, but did nothing except panic.

?If he had rushed to the door, he could have pushed it shut and the guy would have seen nothing but he acted so cowardly. It was just another example of the ongoing disrespect he showed me,? she says.

She was reluctant to release any more information about their affair, but said Brown was now obviously on the attack and would stop at nothing to destroy her reputation and credibility.

She said Brown?s claims that she had not been employed by the council were false. In 2011, she said, she worked for the Auckland Art Gallery where Brown was a frequent visitor.

She said the staff there would get into ?a flap? about Brown visiting the gallery thinking he was there to see them and inspect their work.

?All along I knew he was only there to see me.?

She also rubbished claims the allegations against Brown were politically motivated, confirming that she and members of her family, voted at this election for the 57-year-old to return to office.

?If I wanted to bring him down, do you think I?d vote for him? Unlikely. And wouldn?t I have gone public with all this when potentially it could have affected the election result?

?This is Len Brown?s way of trying to destroy me. It is not going to happen.?