A journalist? Albeit irresponsible, but a journalist nonetheless

Winston Peters reckons I am a journalist, an irresponsible journalist but one nonetheless.

“New Zealand First leader Winston Peters said Mr Brown’s future “was for the people of Auckland to decide”.

Mr Peters asked why the information was not made public before Mr Brown was elected, and said Aucklanders were entitled to have the information before they decided who their mayor should be.

He said that if Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater was being “a responsible journalist”, he should have published the information before the mayoral election.?

“The so-called informant, or the whistle-blower, if he thinks that he’s got integrity on this issue, then he has to answer: Why didn’t he let the information go when the people would have had that information before they made their electoral judgement?”

Mr Peters did not accept Mr Slater’s explanation that the blogger had been waiting for an affidavit to be signed before the details of the affair were published.”

Far be it from me to question the law and I defer to?Mr Peters (as someone with a wealth of experience in the murky laws of defamation) but I have to ask him whether he thinks I could have safely relied on the defence of honest opinion without the affidavit.

Of course Winston Peters is an expert in rushing off to the media half baked with zero facts and then blustering his way through his mistruths with more mistruths.

I’m wondering though is if there is a scale for journalists….irresponsible journalists who get promoted to journalist who get promoted to responsible journalist, the on to decent journalist followed by the pinnacle of journalistic qualifications…a decent journalist, trained and skilled.