Kim Dotcom assists in solving the Booker Prize novel distribution problems

Taking out the Booker Prize for Literature is an amazing feat. ?It is like a Nobel Prize, a Rugby World Championship and an Olympic gold medal all in one.

So well done, Eleanor Catton, who won the Booker Prize for her epic novel The Luminaries.

As expected, winning the Prize has made getting hold of a copy of the book rather difficult. ?Library waiting ?lists are into the hundreds, and book shops have sold all their advanced copies.

Living in an electronic world, my immediate reaction was “Surely there isn’t a shortage of the book delivered for the Kindle, or other e-book reader?”.

A quick search of proved that not only was the electronic version easy to get hold of, after taking the exchange rate into account, it was also cheaper and provides you essentially immediate access. ?No need to pre-order, or go on a long waiting list.

Next I wondered if the book had managed to make itself to the hands of those people that remove the encryption and digital rights management. ?A bit of poking around the Internet, and it turns out it can already be obtained for free. ?Instant download. ?

It seems that that nice jolly German Herr Krim Dotcon has stepped up and finally helped with something instead of just giving the media wet dreams. ?The new Transtasman Internet cable never happened, and neither has any money been provided to Team New Zealand to hold the staff together during the current limbo period.

But isn’t it nice to see he’s stepped up and is helping Eleanor Catton with her Booker Prize related distribution problems? ?Not only is her work now widely available on the Internet – it’s also free.

What a guy!



Of course, I did download these to see if they were the real thing.

Loaded it on the smartphone using the Kindle reader, and look at this… took me all of 4 minutes and $0.

Thanks Mr Dotcom! ?You’re the man!

2013-10-21 09.37.52

2013-10-21 09.38.28

2013-10-21 09.38.41

In this day and age it is probably impossible to control the piracy of these sorts of things.

But to have Kim Dotcom, a cheerleader for New Zealand and his “New Zealand” company MEGA essentially provide a platform for people to distribute a fellow Kiwi’s hard work – and a Booker Prize winning one at that, well… it’s not on.

It is a clear example of why he can’t just sit there and claim no responsibility for any of it. ?His MEGA service clearly aids and abets the stealing of Copyrighted works, thereby denying the artists and publishers of their well earned income.

Whaleoil contacted Luminaries publisher Victoria University Press for comment on this matter, and we hadn’t received a reply by the deadline.