Living wage campaign backfires on Labour

What?s the bet Labour can?t see their much hyped Living Wage campaign coming back to bite them in the arse. But that?s exactly what?s about to happen.

Labour and the Green Taliban have got?all excited wheeling out Parliament?s cleaners?thinking this will smash Simon Bridges and his efforts to finally re-balance the pendulum that has been captured by union scum like the dodgy SFWU.

TV3 seems to have lapped up their union-spun plight as well,?giving them yet more airtime and calling on MPs to clean the dunnies in Bowen House. Even the Green Taliban has tried to leap in on the action with fruit-loop Denise Roche and Greenpeace stooge Gareth Hughes (RFC) wanting a living wage of $18.40 an hour.

The Government is quietly watching this roll out.?

See observers of politics may recall way back in 2006, the then?Labour Government, along with the SFWU and Building Service Contractors of NZ (BSC) jointly signed the ?Principles for the Property Services Industry. They included a nasty little clause called Rule 67.

Rule 67 is nothing short of a union rort ? effectively forcing any company looking to apply for Government contracts to be a member of the Building Services Contractors (BSC).

Now jump forward to 2013, and you have a situation where, thanks to Labour, Parliamentary Services is required to contract only with companies that have signed the Principles for the Property Services Industry.

These companies, including the employer of Parliament?s cleaners – Spotless Cleaning Services quite happily harped on about paying their cleaning staff at least 35c per hour above the minimum wage of $14.10 per hour thanks to a MECA agreement with the SFWU.

The BSC?s El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo even went as far to say;

?The MECA, combined with the Principles agreement, provides certainty for thousands of cleaning staff and employers around salary and employment conditions for the next 12 months?

There was sure as hell no talk of $18.40 per hour!

So for all the hot air from Labour on this issue, the real fact is that a key reason Parliament?s cleaners aren?t paid more is because Labour wanted to keep wages low.

National would do well to remind the opposition of that wee fact.