Did any of these munters demand Labour release details of any FTA’s they signed?

I see assorted whining lefties and useful idiots have all formed a campaign to lobby the government to breach international agreements about negotiations underway.


I’ll bet not a single one of them…yes Russell Brown, you too…ever made a single demand of Labour to release details of FTAs being negotiated under Labour…not a single one.?

Did they moan about the seeing the details of the China FTA?

What about the?New Zealand and Thailand Closer Economic Partnership signed by Labour 2005 when Thailand was under the control of the military?

How about the?New Zealand and Singapore Closer Economic Partnership signed in 2001?

What about the?Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership?with Brunei in 2005 and with Chile when Clark signed ?the?Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership?in 2005 and Singapore’s?Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership?again in 2005?

Did they clamour to see all those agreements back then? Were those agreements an affront to democracy then?

Of course not. This just looks like yet another Hooton special…a collection of assorted moaners and whingers and dodgy unions pushing their agenda.

I’m not sure that Sanitarium would be happy with the green idiot who founded Lisa’s Hummus using their brand to push her political agenda. She may have founded it, but when she sold she lost the right to use that brand…this sort of brand destruction is not appreciated by corporates who paid a lot of money for the brand.