Is MUNZ washed up in Auckland?


I’m told that yesterday the Maritime Union ended their petulant and vindictive attack on PortPro (the second wharfies unions) via the Employment Court.

MUNZ was trying to oppose the legitimacy of workers dis-satisfied with MUNZ from setting up their own union.

In an ignominious withdrawal from proceedings?MUNZ have pulled the plug on the latest court case against PortPro and?offered to pay $750 in court costs. After some negotiation it was agreed that they pay $1250. This is not even a?tenth of the actual costs their petty and vindictive action has actually cost PortPro.?

MUNZ are feeling the pinch though…They have had over twenty of their members resign in the last six?months. They have abandoned the port and left altogether. PortPro meanwhile is growing while MUNZ is the proverbial leaky ship.

It looks like peace may be finally breaking out down at the port, with MUNZ making strategic withdrawals from cases they have no possibility of winning.

You do have to wonder what MUNZ has actually achieved since going to war with Ports of Auckland. On the surface it would appear to little, if anything.