Red Ed needs to HTFU

Ed Miliband is having a big sook at the moment, especially about coverage in the Daily Mail. he os proposing greater regulation, like any good socialist does, of the media.

He needs to harden up though, and accept the rough and tumble of politics…or get out. There is no room for sooks in any parliament.

Ed Miliband must accept the “rough and tumble” of the British press and he has reached the “wrong conclusion” by calling for greater regulation, a former shadow home secretary has said.

David Davis, a Conservative MP, said that he “felt sorry” for Mr Miliband and felt that a Daily Mail article about his father was “horribly heavy-handed”.?

However, he added that Britain is “very lucky” to have a free press and that despite having had a “decade long battle” with a tabloid newspaper he remains a supporter of press freedom.

The Daily Mail accused Mr Miliband’s father, who died in 1994, of leaving an “evil legacy” and described him as the “man who hated Britain”.

This week a subcommittee of the privy council, including Francis Maude, the Cabinet office minister, will meet to decide whether to recommend the press industry’s proposals for self-regulation.

Mr Davis said: ?On the one hand, I felt sorry for Miliband and I thought the Mail got the actual story, they were horribly heavy-handed with it. On the other hand, the simple truth is I?m against press regulation full stop and I think Miliband and his party are wrong to go down this route. We are very lucky in this country to have the press we have.