Teachers Council wants openess…finally

The Teachers’ Council wants its disciplinary meetings to be open to the public after fighting tooth and nail to prevent such oversight.

At last they have come around.

It will be good to see all those registered ratbags out in the open finally. The NZ Herald reports.

The Teachers Council is proposing rule changes that would make disciplinary tribunal proceedings open to the public, however the council said careful safeguards were needed to protect children and young people who gave evidence.

“This requires that appropriate suppression powers are provided to the tribunal,” Teachers Council director Peter Lind said.?

The tribunal needed suppression powers, and the same penalties for suppression breaches as apply under the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal, he said.

“Such penalties need to be included in any amendments to the Education Act currently being proposed by the Minister of Education.

“So while the proposed rule changes are in accordance with the principle of open justice, the Teachers Council is seeking strong legislative protection from anyone who breaches any orders of the disciplinary tribunal,” Dr Lind said.

The tribunal’s practice of automatically suppressing names of teachers who are under complaint has been called into question.

I don;t think they can be trusted with suppression powers given their shameful past in covering up dirty ratbags. Most of them will have already been before the courts and had suppression removed.

Let court suppression order remain but name everyone else.