It appears to be more expensive to live here than in the UK

The left-wing are all enthralled to promote the so-called “living wage”. A magical number pulled from an Anglican minister’s arse that is supposedly the required amount needed for a worker with a family of two kids to “survive”.

In New Zealand it has been set at $18.40.

Now compare that with the UK. The Guardian reports:

More than 30,000 low-paid workers are set for a?pay?rise of up to ?400 a year after an increase in the?living wage.

The voluntary rate will increase by 20p an hour to ?7.65 outside?London. It is higher than the legal minimum wage, which stands at ?6.31 an hour for over-21s. The London living wage rate is increasing from ?8.55 an hour to ?8.80. ? ?

This is interesting…because at a direct exchange rate comparison the London Living Wage appears to be several dollars an hour lighter than in New Zealand.



Are Charles Waldegrave, the Labour party and the Green plus their assorted apologists and union flunkies really saying that it costs more to live in New Zealand than in London?

Well the facts tell a different story. In the list of the most expensive cities in the world to live in London ranks 18th….well below Sydney which is 11th and way more expensive than Auckland which sits at number 56. Wellington sits at number 74.

The numbers for the living wage simply don’t stack up.

There is no way that anywhere in New Zealand is more expensive to live than London and yet there they are claiming that NZ’s living wage needs to be far higher than that of London.

It is a sham, run by charlatans, based on a fantasy. Enough of this nonsense.