NZ Herald uses your money to do their jobs, and then sells it as a favour

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The Herald are running an article announcing that they plan to run more articles. ?And not only that, they are “birthday presents” for the NZ Herald readers.


What next? ?I go to a restaurant, pay money for food, then someone comes out and tells me that they are going to do me the favour of cooking some food for me, and I’m to consider myself a lucky recipient of food I’m actually paying for?

WTF is going on at that place?

The?New Zealand Herald?is commemorating its 150th birthday on November 13 and we have a month of great reading ahead to celebrate.

So now that it is their 150th birthday, they are going to have great reading, but until then, it wasn’t great? ?And after that month, back to mediocre reading. ?

Starting Monday is our series on the greatest untold Kiwi stories. Award-winning reporter and photographer David Fisher and Mark Mitchell travelled the country for a month talking to ordinary people with extraordinary stories to tell.

You mean they went on a company funded road trip and did their jobs as a photographer and a reporter…

They are the must-read stories from beyond the headlines.

Are the Herald really trying to sell Gurnard’s company funded road trip as the Treat of a 150 years worth of Herald reading?

Consider my gob smacked.


Source: ?NZ Herald, with eyebrow raising and eye rolling by Cam Slater