Questions for Farmers, Ctd


Farmers always get sooky when they are called bludging ratbags for wanting a free right to pollute, and not to pay the full cost their business incurs. I want to explore why this is, and give farmers a chance to defend their bludging.

One of the most perplexing parts of this bludging is the ?Two wrong make a Right? bludge. Farmers always come back with town sewerage pollutes waterways too ? and that means they should be allowed to pollute.?

This is, with all the irony intended, bullshit.

Towns need a good kick in the arse if they are polluting waterways, and they should stop. But polluting towns shouldn?t give farmers a right to pollute water ways.

Or should it?

Maybe a farmer can explain why towns polluting means it is ok for farms to pollute, rather than stopping everyone from polluting.