Ratbag Mayor hired hacker to try to destroy video of his crack smoking exploits

I wonder if this is a play Len Brown will try.

Embattled Toronto mayor Rob Ford who has claimed that he smoked crack only because he was in a drunken stupor (give that one a go Len and see how it flies) also appears to have hired a hacker to try and destroy the video.

VICE reports:

In late July, an anonymous source approached VICE with claims that he had been hired to hack into a website?by Amin Massoudi, the communications director for Toronto’s troubled mayor, Rob Ford.?

More specifically, the source?who will be referred to as ?the hacker? from here on out?said he was asked by Amin to crack the password of a private online directory that allegedly contained a digital copy of the now infamous footage of Mayor Ford smoking a substance out of a crack pipe. Ford has, up until this past Sunday, publicly?doubted the existence of the video.

VICE acquired a log of emails that, according to the hacker, detail his correspondence with Amin from May 18 to May 31 of this year. When contacted by VICE, the hacker confirmed the validity of these emails by showing us the transcript, but also said it was a little more complicated than it seemed. He agreed to talk if we would preserve his identity, as publishing it would incriminate him.

Oh the webs of deceit that politicians will weave.

We are yet to discover who the mystery texter was, though possible suspects are down to two.