$1000 a week is hardly excessive for a 7 day work week

Cherie Howie at the Herald on Sunday would like you to be enraged at Palino campaign staff being paid $13,000 “just three months’ work?”.

Even if people work only a 40 hour week that’s about $200 a day, or $25/hr. ?Before costs. ?Before tax.

But please, be outraged.

Political campaign worker Luigi Wewege pocketed $13,000 for just three months’ work on John Palino’s failed Auckland mayoral bid – a sum that has surprised volunteers on other political campaigns.

Wewege was the man Bevan Chuang says pressured her to blow the whistle on her affair with mayor Len Brown before the election. Chuang and Wewege were in a relationship at the time, she says. He denied her claims, but has left New Zealand for the United States.

His payment is noted in Palino’s election donations and expenses return, which had to be filed by Friday. Palino also paid $13,800 to Textile Associates, a company owned by campaign manager John Slater.

I can assure you that working up to an election, there are no 8 hour days, and there are no 5 day work weeks. ?It’s all on, all the time. ?You’re on call 24/7. ?You need to respond to situations day, night, weekends and even if you’re trying to have some time off. ?

To journalists, most of whom are communists on shit wages, most people are paid excessive amounts of money.

What is amusing is that the Herald on Sunday readership probably isn’t the hard done by battler with envy, but more likely the hard working tax payer and people who think $52k a year is a bit low.

Why the Herald continues to write for their own world view as opposed to those of their subscribers, and why APN is allowing it to continue, baffles me.