Comment of the Day

Consistency would be nice.

When National won the election on a platform including partial asset sales, the Green Taliban said that the fact National didn?t get more than 50% of the eligible vote, they didn?t have a mandate.

Flegin, one of our commenters puts the same theory to the test on the referendum result.

So basically going by the Green/Labour method of vote counting there is no mandate to cease asset sales as only 30% of the eligible voters are against it.

That settles that then.


Another pearler, from reader Michael, just this morning:

Some perspective:
2009 CIR to repeal smacking law changes had 1,470,755 votes jn favour
1999 CIR to reduce the number of MPs to 99 had 1,678,054 votes in favour
1999 CIR for tougher sentencing for criminalsvhad 1,886,705 votes in favour

Given the CIRs that the Greens and Labour don?t support have far more support than their one, will they be changing policy to reflect popular support?