Fracking chemicals cause gender bending – latest hippy claim

What next in the Greens battle to make bird slaughtering windmills viable against cheap and abundant shale gas.

I would guess that eating organic veges is more gender bending and turns blokes into whinging girly men….Gareth Hughes and Russel Norman as evidence. When was the last time anyone saw a roughneck mincing around in a frock at the end of his shift handling this stuff ?

Just when you might have thought the debate over shale gas and oil could not possibly get more acrimonious, here’s something that is likely to raise the temperature even further. US scientists have announced this week that they have found “gender-bender” chemicals in water at fracking sites.

Their research ? published in the latest issue of the journal Endocrinology ? reports discovering endocrine disrupting substances that disrupt hormone systems in almost every sample of water they tested near shale gas wells. ?I’m not an alarmist about this, but it is something the country should take seriously,? Prof Susan Nagel of the University of Missouri, one of the authors of the study, told the Los Angeles Times. ?With fracking on the rise, populations may face greater health risks from increased endocrine-disrupting chemical exposure.??

She ? and colleagues from the University’s Department of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Women’s Health and the US Geological Survey ? say that over 100 of the ?more than 750 chemicals reportedly used? in fracking are ?known or suspected endocrine disrupting chemicals? (EDCs) linked with respiratory, gastrointestinal, neurological, immunological and reproductive conditions. EDCs have also led to weird sex change effects in wildlife.

I imagine that like all other claims about fracking this one too will be proven to be nothing more than green taliban scare mongering.

They went looking for 12 of them from five sites where spills are known to have occurred in Colorado’s Garfield County, an intensively drilled area, and in several places along the Colorado River, ?the drainage basin for the entire drilling region?. Oestrogenic substances were the most frequently found, occurring in 89 per cent of the samples. EDCs were also found in control samples taken from areas with no or little fracking, but at much lower levels, leading to the conclusion that ?natural gas drilling operations may result in elevated EDC activity in ground and surface water.?

The scientists add: ?There have been many reports of changes in surface, ground, and drinking water quality near natural gas drilling operations, particularly in drilling-dense regions, with some specifically linked to natural gas extraction.

?Multiple researchers have demonstrated that levels of stray gases and heavy metals in drinking water increased with proximity to natural gas wells, suggesting the possibility of underground migration of fluids associated with hydraulic fracturing.

?There is evidence that hydraulic fracturing fluids are associated with negative health outcomes and there is a critical need to quickly and thoroughly evaluate the overall human and environmental health impact of this process.?

Oh no…fracking will make my balls shrink! Frack off you stupid hippies…eating tofu and other hippy soy products is more likely to shrink your balls than anything fracking will do.