The Green Party Data scammers: Look at their Guidelines

Via the Tipline

An interesting post scanned and captured from an over-excited contributor to the [Standard made] earlier. ?Is this what the Greens plan to do with information stolen from their petition harvesting?


The Green Party hid behind the old fools in Grey Power for the Assets petition, then sent out paid touts on taxpayers’ money to scoop up data. Like Greenpeace, they love a petition. Do you think it is only because they are wound up about this issue? No, it is because they want to capture your personal details to create a data base. ?

Look at what is important in their Guidelines to the taxpayer funded bullies who fronted the bewildered outside supermarkets. “Email is best” It isn’t needed for the petition, but it sure is needed for their begging and bludgeoning email campaigns:


Personally I think it hilarious that all the do-gooder dusties and crusties are going to get marketed to death by the Green Taliban next year. Serves them right.

Interesting strategy to have them vote before election day. ?I wonder if the Greens plant to go negative in the last few weeks?