It was his job and still he blames someone else

Stuff are trying really hard to compete with the Herald.

In a story today we have a teacher who as part of his role at the school is to manage the payroll with Novopay trying to claim an extra $10,000 that his contract says he isn’t entitled too.

A Wellington teacher almost $8000 out of pocket after months of Novopay stuff-ups is stumped about how to recoup his lost savings.

Scottish-born Douglas Robb moved to New Zealand as the head of faculty for computing at Wainuiomata High School in 2004 and quickly began taking on leadership roles.

In the past year he has been paid for some of his additional management duties but never anywhere near the amount his acting deputy principal contract entitles him to.

A spokesman for Novopay Minister Steven Joyce said the problem was related to Robb’s collective agreement, not Novopay. ?

So a contract problem but not a systems problem. But wait it gets better.

Robb said the extra responsibility and money was a bonus, and was earmarked for his savings account.

“I’ve got more and more work to do, yet I’m getting no money for it.”

“If something disastrous was to happen and I urgently needed my savings, I would be really struggling.”

He no longer had any trust or confidence in Novopay.

Part of his job is to sort Novopay issues around relief staff and leave, and he has spent many hours addressing it.

But when it comes to shortcomings over his own pay, he can’t get any answers.

“They won’t speak to me because you’re not allowed to discuss your own pay, so the principal has been trying to sort it for me.”

So it is his job to fix payroll issues with Novapay, or that of his principal…but hey it’s the system init?

This porridge wog just seems to be having a lend.


Then in the interests of balance there is a small sentence at the end about $13.6 million in overpayments teachers won’t return….shouldn’t the story really be about dodgy teachers refusing to return millions in overpayments of taxpayers cash?

Perhaps the government should treat them like Leo Gao?

Taking money, even if deposited by mistake, is still fraud and theft.