Key to ignore referendum result

The whole Referendum was a farce from start to end. ?Signatures harvested through paying collectors with tax payers’ money, missing the mark, having to do it again, Labour and their Green Taliban leaders managed to piss away $9M of your money on yet another pointless exercise.

Prime Minister John Key has indicated his Government will take little notice of the result of the referendum, describing it as a political stunt by Labour and the Greens which has cost the taxpayer $9 million.

Mr Key has said the result would be “interesting” if it showed voters who opposed the asset sales programme totalled more than a million – the number of votes National got at the last election which was largely fought on the issue. The Electoral Commission figures issued last night show that 895,322 voters opposed the asset sales.

Mr Key and Mr English have said in recent weeks that the Genesis sale remains on track in spite of market chatter the sale is now unlikely to proceed as planned.

The CIR has come as the partial assets sales programme is almost over, with Genesis the only remaining company earmarked for partial sale yet to go on the block.

While the referendum is non-binding, Opposition parties hoped a vote against the Government on the issue would persuade it not to proceed with the Genesis sale which is scheduled for the first few months of next year.

It is a corruption of democratic process to use tax payers’ money to promote a referendum driven by opposition parties. ?The spirit of a referendum is for a “Citizen Initiated” referendum.

What Labour and their Green Taliban leaders did was nothing but abusing process by holding their own political stage show. ?Nothing “Citizen Initiated” about it. ?Pure Politics, and cynical at that.


Source: ?Adam Bennett at the NZ Herald