Who killed Holden?


The unions of course…who else…with some help from idiot governments over the years who addicted the company to corporate welfare which the unions trousered.

THE outrageous assertions by the unions and the Labor Party that General Motors’ decision to leave Australia was a result of government policy is an insult to any thinking Australian. To suggest that General Motors Holden made its decision yesterday is totally absurd. These decisions take months to make.

The true culprits are the unions and their enterprise bargaining over many years that has made their own members unemployed. The cost of wages is more than double what it should be.

It was a great effort by the unions to achieve high pay rates, but now there are no jobs. Any Australian who does not recognise the truth is sadly deficient in reasoning ability.?

Australian car manufacturing labour costs are reportedly twice as high as in Europe and four times as high as in Asia. Nobody wants Australian workers earning Asian wages but productivity isn’t just about wages.

Maritime workers famously insisted Australia’s waterfront could never match Singapore’s best practice regarding container movements per hour – until the stevedores were all sacked, replaced with novices and eventually rehired with a refreshed commitment to the job.

Better workplace processes lead to superior output and, therefore, increased productivity without sacrificing wages.

But the starting point is the elimination of unearned payments that derive from industrial blackmail.