Len Brown still the best man for the job

The Stuff headline goes “Councillors still support Len Brown“.

Although that’s a factual statement, it would be similar to someone running the headline “People love Cameron Slater”. ?Even though factual, it is in effect useless.

In the case of the councillors and the article, it appears the actual reaction is more along the lines of fence sitting with a little bit of disgust thrown in.

In summary

Bill Cashmore, Franklin – “up to Brown” fence sitter

Dick Quax, Howick – Against Brown staying on

Alf Filipaina, Manukau – backs Brown

Calum Penrose, Manurewa-Papakura – backs Brown

Linda Cooper, Waitakere – Powerless to remove Brown

Chris Darby, North Shore – Not happy with Brown

Christine Fletcher, Albert-Eden-Roskill – fence sitting

Cowards: ?2

Stay: 2

Go: 3

I suggest a better headline: ?Brown lacks majority support from Council

Will be interesting if the Council is willing to work with this Mayor. ?If they do, that may be remembered at the next election.

Stand Down Len Brown. ? Get a fresh mandate.