Mark Peck voted for Living Wage, but won’t be paying it to his own staff

Wellington Council hypocrite, Mark Peck voted to implement the ‘Living Wage’ at an extra cost to ratepayers of $750,000, but when asked to extend it to his own staff h point blank refused.

It wasn’t within the rules, but new councillor Nicola Young attempted to make a point about the living wage with an amendment yesterday.

Before voting against the living wage plan, Ms Young tried to move “that all councillors who support implementation of the living wage assure us that they will pay the living wage to their employees – including cleaners, baby-sitters, gardeners – with the same implementation date as Wellington City Council”.

The move followed fellow fresh councillor Mark Peck – who supported the living wage – admitting that he did not pay all his hospitality staff $18.40 – “and I won’t”.?

However, council lawyer Sally Dossor quickly pointed out that Ms Young’s amendment did not fall within council parameters, a decision Ms Young took on the chin. “I made my point,” she said.

Nicola Young indeed made her point. Mark Peck is a hypocrite, he only wants to pay for the ‘Living Wage’ when he is using other people’s money to pay for it.

When it looks like it will become an impost on his own pocket he simply refuses.

This is typical of socialists and Mark Peck is no different.