Remember this?

On November 23 I wrote:

I?ve received a rather concerning email from one of our readers. If this is anything but a misguided local initiative, it needs to be exposed

Had a phone call this morning from a mate who works for NZ Post in a provincial city (not here). The word going around his smoko room was that someone from the union suggested it could be a good idea if some referendum papers were ?not delivered?. These of course could then be opened, voted on, sent back, and the ?No? vote fattened. They are banking on people not bothering to ask for replacement papers if theirs do not turn up.

He suggested that I get the word out to my mates that if anyone doesn?t receive their voting papers they should contact the office of the Chief Electoral Officer. All deliveries should be complete by the end of next week (mine arrived in the PO box this morning).

Given the amount of resource that Labour, the Greens and the unions have poured into this referendum, it sounds as though they are pretty worried about getting enough of a ?No? vote to attack the Government with. Pulling a stunt like this rates right up there with the KFC election in 2005, but it?s hardly surprising given the current climate.

[name withheld]?

Yesterday TVNZ ran this story:

Voting papers for the referendum on asset sales must be in the post by Thursday this week, but the Labour Party claims some voters are still waiting to receive their ballot papers.

Rawinia Thompson, 19, is yet to receive her papers. She requested replacement forms from the Electoral Commission on Monday last week but said they have not arrived.

The Wellington student said she has not changed address “I live here year-round and all my mail comes here.”

“My parents – who I live with – received their ballots on the same day and I thought it was strange that mine didn’t arrive with theirs. All three of our local body election papers came together.”

Now Ms Thompson says others may have the same issue.

“If this has happened to me and I’ve gone to the trouble of requesting new forms, I wonder how many people haven’t received their papers at all.”