Rodney Hide on Colin Craig and his loopy supporters

I’ve been saying for ages that most of the people who support Colin Craig re single issue nutters who see his new party as the latest vehicle to push their particular barrow….calling them band wagons is far too generous.

They are the sort of people who declare that they are sick of National so they re off to Colin Craig without actually analysing politically nd economical wwhat the fool stands for. The answer is not much actually…he stands for letting other people have a say. We know this because he is equivocal on bat shit crazy conspiracy theories…he should dismiss them out of hand…but he hasn’t.

Rodney Hide describes precisely what I am talking about in his HoS column.

We had 49 members. I was anxious to make 50. My phone rang and, joy of joys, she was keen to join. Her only concern was battery hen farming. She would sign up but we had to commit to freeing the chickens.

I explained that Act’s commitment was to less tax, more personal responsibility, and that battery hens hadn’t come up. I suggested that perhaps Act, sadly, wasn’t for her. I lost my potential 50th member. ?

I bet she wrote in green pen too when sending letters. Single issue nutters thinking they and their crazy ideas are bigger than any party.

I was reminded of our lost member listening to Radio Live’s Sean Plunket interview Conservative Party Leader Colin Craig.

It was a defining interview. Craig’s “transparently honest” answer on chemtrails was that he didn’t know.

He had been sent a wad of information and had yet to work his way through it.

Here’s all you need to know about chemtrails: it’s the theory that governments are spraying us with chemical or biological agents from high-flying aircraft. There’s never been any evidence presented to support that the spraying is occurring or any coherent reason governments would be secretly dousing us.

But the leader of the Conservative Party is open to the possibility that governments are, in fact, doing precisely that.

Sensing he could be on a roll, Plunket asked whether he thought the United States Government could be behind the 9/11 attacks. Once again, Craig said he didn’t know but with assistance from Plunket he did allow that “it sounds absolutely possible” that it was, indeed, a “terrorist attack”. Of course, that left Craig open to the possibility that the attacks were, in fact, orchestrated by the US Government.

This is wacky stuff. Craig is “inclined to believe” that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon but won’t “rain on the parade” of those who think the entire man-going-to-the-moon thing is a Government hoax.

What is really whacky is that Colin Craig didn’t have the political nous to discount them straight away…he equivocated…do you really want such a moron in parliament?

The problem is we still have MMP because of the gutless decision of Steven Joyce, John Key and Peter Goodfellow to essentially allow the status quo to win.

Well suck it up boys…the word is Key is planning on accommodating Colin Craig even more.

?The advent of MMP saw a flurry of new parties and the same single-issue people quickly cycled through them.

Sometimes they joined and then left disgruntled that their pet ideas weren’t treated seriously.

I am left wondering if the conspiracy theorists have found a welcoming home with the new Conservative Party. Certainly Craig was anxious not to offend those who believe that governments are mass dosing us, that 9/11 was a government job, and that Nasa staged the moon landings in Nevada. …

The defining characteristic of the Conservatives may well be gullibility.

A great many of his supporters came about as a result of the marriage equality debate without actually analysing Craig’s own position which was to do nothing. They’ll still think however that he will overturn it.

He won’t and Rodney Hide and me will be proved right.

Personally I think national should start thawing relations with Winston Peters. Utterly contemptible he may be, but at least he is predictable and stable. Colin Craig on the other hand exhibits no such stability or predictability, and he lied about his chances at the last election via dodgy polls. Ask anyone north of Auckland what they think of Colin Craig and they will tell you a far more accurate picture than what is known now.

The problem for the country is that National, via Steven Joyce, have become poll driven fruit-cakes.