A solution for the issue of unmown berms

The NZ Herald ran another story on the weekend about the unmown berms in Auckland.

I think I have found a solution to the problem…on the Council’s own website.

Properties with overgrown grass

Overgrown properties are a common complaint year-round, and can have serious implications. The council will become involved with overgrown properties if they involve a potential risk to health. This includes:

  • long, dry grass posing a fire hazard
  • overgrowth?providing a breeding ground for rats and other vermin
  • property providing a?breeding ground for flies, mosquitoes or other insects capable of causing or transmitting disease. ?

If you cannot get the property owner to mow their property,?contact us. We will write to the owner and give him/her a reasonable amount of time to cut their grass. If the property remains unmown, we will arrange for it to be cut at the owner’s expense.

You can also?contact us?if you are unsure or have any questions.

Of course the owner in this instance is the Auckland Council, so get to it readers, lay a complaint against the owner of the berms, they will then write to themselves insisting they take care of their own property and cut their grass.