A documentary on North Korea Gareth Morgan needs to see

Gareth Morgan promoted Kim Jong-un and his brutal regime after being glad handed around Potemkin villages and escorted by government officials on his tour of North Korea.

Foreign Policy outlines a new documentary about The Secret State of North Korea:

When director James Jones set out to make a film about life inside North Korea, he decided early on that it would be pointless to go there himself. “I knew if we went to North Korea we’d get what you’ve seen 100 times: the official tour, the military parades, the ski resort,” he told?Foreign Policy.

Instead, he hoped to capture stirrings of dissent or, better yet, overt signs of rebellion from an isolated populace long oppressed by a dictatorial regime — the sorts of scenes “people are always desperate to see” but don’t expect to find, he said. For that, he turned to?Jiro Ishimaru, a Japanese journalist who operates an underground network of hidden camera reporters inside North Korea — individuals who risk imprisonment and even execution to document life inside a country that has, for decades, been painstakingly hidden from view.?

The resulting film, an hourlong?Frontline?documentary titled?Secret State of North Korea, is a sweeping, disturbing peek into a misunderstood and rapidly changing society.

It is on Youtube now, you can’t watch it on PBS because of geo-blocking.