El Presidente further undermines new CEO

Via the tip-line

The new CEO of the BSC, Lillian Small, has once again been smacked in the arse by her boss El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo.

This time Paddy has gone ahead and undermined any ?new member? initiatives Lillian Small may have hoped to run, by declaring his support for the Living Wage campaign in the cleaning industry mag InClean. The SFWU and CTU must have been in the ear of Paddy over the Christmas holidays, re-educating him on his union roots.

It?s not online, but a member of the Fish Gang has scanned it and sent it in via the tip-line.

In a typical scumbag union tactic, Paddy blames the customer/client for not paying a Living Wage to their cleaners.

While the unions will be ecstatic with Paddy, what?s the bet BSC members getting tucked for $20k a year will be less than enthused at El Presidente?s comments. ?

The BSC?s boss is saying to customers of BSC members, ones like James Fletcher?s OCS, Spotless Cleaning and even his own ToTal Property Services, that they should now cough up $18.40 per hour per cleaner.


In a typical, we know what?s best union rant, Paddy chucks in the line that;


Paddy?s glaring display of hypocrisy ??remember he boasted about paying cleaning workers $14.10 per hour, which was supported by the CTU, now leaves newbie Lillian Small having to explain that the BSC now favours the Living Wage of $18.40.

Lillian Small will also have a tough job trying to convince?Simon Bridges who rejected the idea of a living wage.

Oh Lillian, on the wrong side of the Minister right from day one.