Right you lot, time for some navel gazing

A Whaleoil reader, we’ll call Paul, writes

I am a Subscriber to your Blog, and as such I appreciate your?comments, fact finding and your opinions.

The whole issue is well put together and informative and sometimes fun?to read.

However, increasingly I find that I am offended by the silly comments?and messages left by some of the readers….most of whom seem to have?personal opinions, but are often expressed in an offensive and?childish manner.

I really feel that they detract from your publication.

Have you ever thought about “reining them in a little” as it were? ?

I’m not talking about censorship…simply cleaning them up?

They don’t add value to your work…

Look forward to your thoughts on this

Keep up the good work

Right you lot. ?Paul will be reading this. ?What is your response?